Reliance NetConnect Playing Joker? – Too Fast For My Stomach

What are these Reliance NetConnect advertisements about?

Why would I want to do business with someone who’s playing mind-games with me and chuckling while I race through life-threatening situations? Do you really want me to think of the company as this evil, twisted creature?

Let’s say for a minute, that the ad was for something else, like a vehicle. As a viewer, I’m relating to the person in the ad and I’d latch on to whatever got them out of the situation. Vehicles are big, noisy and tangible. But an internet connection? Because it helps me connect to youtube and find a training video that can supposedly get me out of the situation? Rather convoluted me thinks.

What’s more, that creepy, creepy guy’s voice master-minding the situations (a car on fire, a wild elephant chase and someone tied up in a car parked on railway tracks with train approaching), laughing through the key character’s panic and finally telling him/her that, ‘Reliance NetConnect. It’s Fast. Are You?’. Each time I see one of those ads, it disturbs me, makes me sick to the stomach. That I think, is the normal reaction to Batman’s Joker. Because that’s just what this situation reminds me of.

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