I’ve been wondering whether I should just shut this blog down. I post on it so infrequenty, as compared to my other blogs where it seems like I haven’t even hit the publish button yet and the next idea has already started hammering on my brain.

Not that there aren’t things to write about. Considering that the real reason my post-output dips and peaks is my work, it is odd that a blog dedicated to my worklife gets such poor attention from me. One of my friends said that this was the least interesting of all my blogs, which made me fume a bit. Eternally maternal as I am (that’s some phrase isn’t it?), my blogs also feel like my children and I, like the protective momma-hen bristle up when someone insinuates that one of my chickies is less than the others.

Now it is a bit of a task writing something on this blog. For one, unlike the others, it is not unfettered. I do have to watch what I say. None of my colleagues read my blogs (I hope!) but I still need to stay within the limits of privacy, non-disclosure, professionalism etc etc. I could probably write about the grunt-and-groan aspects of office life like work politics, sexual harassment et al. But no, that’s been done, is being done and well…there is enough of seriousness at work and on my other blogs. This blog strives to be (dreams of being?) a lighter look at the aspect of our lives we take most seriously.

Not that there aren’t enough of reasons to laugh at work. But most of these jokes are so industry-specific, company-specific, department-specific, team-specific. There is a long ‘story so far’ to be recounted before telling any tale and that pretty much takes the dum out of it. Add to that this thin veneer of anonymity that I’m struggling to retain over my blog persona….well pretty much tape-over-mouth-syndrome.

Still….I am reluctant to let this go without having given it a full shot. And I don’t think I have yet. So anybody who reads this blog (ever did and still intends to), I’m gonna be here awhile more.

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