Random rushes


We knows that we has been dating wayyy too much…
…when we sees mugshots of two ex-boyfriends and one-almost-there staring at us from the birthday reminders section on our orkut homepage. Oh…and one more in the recent visitors list. Oh maybe that just tells us that we should stop being a friendly ex-.


Classifying men 

Thought that we shared with one ex-boyfriend yesterday

There are three types of men in the world:
– The married ones
– The interesting ones who don’t want to get married
– The weird ones who are ready to get married.

Plizz to note that we is not snooty but by weird we means the kind that brings mummy along on date, gets up at 5 in the morning to go gymming, has NEVER had a girlfriend (or claims so on the assumption that it actually impresses us rather than scares us off) and pays us compliments exactly 13 minutes into the conversation, 23 minutes later and thereafter at least once in each interaction (so precise we can set our ever-faulty watch/mobile phone clock by it!).

The interesting ones on the other hand has so much experience that it quite shakes our nerves to know that he might any day now publish a manual on women classified by the way they kiss…and that we might have been the last leg in his research.

Of course we didn’t share these last two paragraphs with the aforementioned ex- since the reason we shared it with him was to assuage his ego. Goodbyes are bad enough without having to spice up old hurts with the cattiness that has infected us these days. But then we wonders, if we is so horrible, how does random thought no.1 come to be?



Saw him online and messaged him

Hey, Mr. Obnoxious!
I just stopped by to say hi


But I’m running away before you turn obnoxious!
Damn…too late. Bye anyway.

We thought we might have been surprised that he smiled. But we wasn’t. That’s why we still likes him.


Outsourced soliloquy 

Sheryl Crow is going to soak up the sun….then she soliloquizes that everyday is a winding road (ah, we so much agree! Somehow her thoughts sound like our own, only that she’s voicing them, not singing to any audience in particulary)….outsourced soliloquy, how’s that for an original, if not somewhat dark thought?

Now she’s wailing about the first cut being the deepest. Grrmph.
And finally she’s leaving Las Vegas.
Somehow she never makes us gloomy but strangely ….delieriously…happy.

Arrrrgggghhh…we spokes too soon….”Are you strong enough to be my man? Lie to me….but please don’t leave”


He actually said,

I never told you I was in love with you!

Ouch, baby, we knows…that’s why it hurts so damn much. But we still may have loved you. Maybe that’s why.


She’s moody 

Saturday night we was seized by an uncontrollable desire to write a goodbye post and then delete the whole damn blog(s). And in the morning we got up feeling so relieved that we hadn’t. Then in the middle of Sunday we chewed our new friend‘s ear off about it. But she had some very sage advice. Ah…children will be our salvation, we always says! 😀

We have had this moment at least once in all our major relationships. An insane urge to kill the relationship and then wild ecstasy and then sudden bewilderment. We is exhausted sometimes by the tricks our hormones play on us. And very much sorry for the rest of the world that bears the brunt of it.


The date 

Which reminds us to say here that this person called us on the weekend to complain about how we had twisted the conversation for our own delight.

What are you doing this fine evening?
I’ve a date with Daniel Craig
Oh my God….what an ego to think you can land the man that no woman has ever managed to ensnare.
I will, don’t worry.
Really? I doubt that. No woman has ever captured the heart of Bond.
Well, even Sherlock Holmes met his match
He lived with a man called Dr.Watson.
All the same…there was a woman. Read the entire series.
I don’t believe it.
Well, I must run. I’ll tell you about the date later.

And now we dutifully reports that Daniel Craig is scrump-li-cious in a way that the former Bonds never were. Strange because we has never had a weakness for blonde-haired, blue-eyed men. But this one quite steals our heart away with those eyes. Oh well, we does like enticing eyes on men. Anyway, we likes the idea of a non-classically-goodlooking Bond…after all a spy must be unobstrusive, not so OTT handsome. Pierce Brosnan has always been, in our mind, Remington Steele. And ah….we certainly admires a man who can tell a finicky bartender (Shaken or stirred, sir?)

I don’t give a damn

We gives a damn (a whole lot of it) for a man who doesn’t! Speaking of which, we wonders how the aforementioned conversation would have happened in the Hindi version.

Bartender: Ghoomaoon ya hilaaoon, saheb?
Craig: Main damn nahin deta hoon!!!

Our companion did not find that funny and for that reason perhaps, we does not have a date for our idea of watching the Hindi Casino Royale next weekend. Any takers?


A little Haha heehee….

We just exclaimed, “Oh, what blurry depressing music this is!”
To which SNC added, “Yeah, don’t kill us yaar…as it is the A.C. is off and now this…”


And finally, we did something a little out of our usual orbit today. The funny thing is that we had a mixture of dread and excitement all weekend over today. But when today actually happened, we just drifted through it as we would any normal Monday. We just doesn’t make the effort anymore. Even when it matters a whole lot. But we still care about it. Poor man.


We notices that we has slipped into a funny, mixed and very improper self-reference that totally screws up our grammar but feels just right at the moment. Lalalalala…..sometimes we is happy and then we is sad. But we is always slightly mad and joyously alive! And yes, for those who doubt it, we cares. Very much.

8 thoughts on “Random rushes

  1. 1. ur totally not horrible.
    2. i volunteer to have my ear chewed up all the time, it is too much fun
    3. i am NOT a child
    4.what was the out of ur orbit thing u did, we’re super-curious now
    5. the improper self-reference thing is so much fun innit? 😀

  2. We had called we; but we refused to answer me; it wasn’t glee, when we calls, we answers thee; will call today in the wee, do answer me, tis not a plea. 😛

  3. @ n: We thinks we is starting to lurrrve you!!!! Certainly you is not a child…that much thou has proven with Sunday’s talk (and the one before that) but we lurrrve to do some leg-pulling with those that we lurrrves! As for the out-of-orbit thing…meet us soon and we will tell you person-to-person.

    @ Brad: Our head quite aches with all that we business. There’s only space for one we here… 🙁 Call us and relieve us of this plizz!!

    @ Ratz: You is back!!!! Mail us, meet us online, get in touch with us, lady!

  4. I came earlier, thought of leaving without saying anything and had a “nice” comment to indicate that. Then the Internet connection played hookey, I forgot what to say and just left quietly.

  5. @ DC: You might say so..:D

    @ Hyde: Oh plizz comment next time…we hates not knowing who’s reading and what’re they’re thinking!

    @ Girl Talk: Thenk yew…we likes the link vairy much!

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