Ragger and raggee

So now I have a whole new range of people to nickname and quote. Haven’t got the names for them yet but the conversations flow so here’s another edition of Office Capers….

Naya bachcha (NB) is a fresh-off-the-MBA-factory-lineup, as yet wet behind the ears and soooo delightfully uninitiated to the world, it gives me an almost gleeful thrill to think I’ve grown out of that.
NB: Sir, do we have to come to office on Saturday?
Boss: Yes!
NB: * In despondent small voice * Oh….kal bhi aana hoga
Me: Aur kya? Furniture kaun saaf karega?
NB: Hmph….pak gaye yeh manuals padh ke!
Me: Abhi se? Shyam ko test mein kya likhoge?
NB: Test????
Boss: Yes, I’ll ask you to write a composition in the evening on “Everything I learnt today”
NB: *In frantic small voice* Sachchi kya?
Big boss: I’m going to Matheran tomorrow
Small boss: Ooh its a lovely place!
Me: It is?
Small boss: Yes, full of red clay everywhere. Great place if you want to murder someone!
Me: *dumbstruck*
Small boss:…yeah and you can bury the bodies so no one will ever know!
Big boss: Is that so? So now we know what your ‘past experience’ and ‘acquired skills’ are!
Me: I promise I’ll do all my work properly and not make a single mistake!
Big boss: And don’t go to Matheran with her!

One thought on “Ragger and raggee

  1. I wonder how u must be looking when dumbstruck!! :))
    Enjoy.gud luck for the new found world……….na na…….not new found, already-there-but-on-hold-world πŸ™‚

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