Preparing to run #NaNoWriMo 2014

This is a year of adventures coming at me, whether I want them or not. And of jumping into them, forcing myself to forget that I could fall. So far, no broken bones. I’ll be attempting #NaNoWriMo this year. Last year I did and to my surprise, I completed it. It was my only real win in the entire year. Recently I read what I had written and it wasn’t totally cringe-worthy. That’s part of what gave me the impetus to try it this year too. Between that time and this, I’ve also managed to set up and grow a writing community in Mumbai. So this year, I’ve set myself the larger challenge of encouraging and supporting other writers too. Inspiration is infectious as is enthusiasm. There’s no room for me to falter when I have others depending on me to keep them inspired and running. Maybe this is pushing it but I’ll also try and chronicle this journey. The last time I did that was during NovelRace 5 years ago and I was a much younger, less experienced writer. The articles are still useful so I’ll try the same thing again, only bigger, better. Grammar, spelling and logical flow may be missing but my aim is going to be to capture thought rather than polish and pizzazz. Stay with me, keep me on my path and wish me luck!

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