He came back, as she knew he would
She took him back, as he knew she would

They made love. They both knew it.

He stretched and said

Next time…

She interrupted

There won’t be a next time.

Then she left.

Didn’t everyone know that would happen? Just not when.

17 thoughts on “Predictability

  1. why does that make me unbearably sad… and it also makes me want to just hug you..and I’m not even the kiss-n-hug types… 🙂
    Well atleat she got her word and her way…I think thats the good part, but I’m not sure about it..

  2. Isn’t it easy to feel the same emotion with a person once you have felt it. Especially if it is a person whom you really want to feel that way?
    I know women are good at concealing their emotions – but there is definitely that someone in whose company one just feels a bit too naked? I hope it is not that someone. Well, if you are not going to meet him that often, then you are safe.
    Or else, you sound like me with my new year resolution. I broke it at 00:01, 1-1-07.

  3. @ IS

    All fiction is rooted in reality.

    The point of there being no next time is rarely reached, and when it is, it is more externally driven than internally motivated.

  4. @ Peeyush: Yes, perhaps. But an idea can be developed far beyond recognition, into a story.

    I also wouldn’t agree on the rarity of ‘no next time’ situations. That depends on who you are, the kind of choices you make and how you handle situations.

  5. @IS

    I am reminded of a movie, with the actors struggling to erase their memories. The laws of attraction dont change, and therefore, “choice” as we know it, would boil down to our being inconsistent over time.

  6. @ Peeyush (can i do cross conversations on someone else’s blog?)

    eternal sunshine of the spotless mind..i’m guessing
    except that your premise seems to be that people don’t change, grow up, take more risks or less. if people do change..then obviously they need not find the same person attractive (or the other way)

  7. @ Peeyush: ‘Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind’, isn’t it? Do the laws of attraction not change? I don’t know….but maybe, just maybe its more than just chemistry (that would stay consistent for sure!). People change minute to minute and hence the dynamics of attraction should change too. Unless you are a firm believer in the ‘one soulmate’ theory. In which case….well, soulmates don’t always meet.

    @ Girl Talk: I wrote out my reply to Peeyush before reading yours. I guess I could just have said ‘Ditto you’. 🙂

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