Post-Diwali Blues – Sneezing, Sparklers and Sweaters

The day after diwali. *Sniff*

No, I’m not mourning the end of a holiday. I’m just exhibiting the signs of being a casualty of polluted air-breathing (in an already polluted city, how E!Extreme is that?) That should probably be *SNIFFLE* instead. There, then.

Yesterday I told her,

This is lovely weather. Isn’t it lovely weather?

No, it isn’t. It should be December.

Nah, I don’t like the cold. I hate layering up. I love my singlets and sleeveless tees too much!

Par tum to nanga bachcha banta hai na, that’s why!


40 degrees in the sun but I’m feeling all trembly inside. There’s a teensy-weensy fireball (I wish I was a spaceman..) lodged in my throat and my eyelids feel all hot when I shut my eyes. So I shake out my freezing-AC emergency pullover.

Today is an emergency of another sort. I need a hug but in the absence of it, a sweater will do. I’ll see you on the other side of this crazy week.

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