burnt their bras. donned leggings and in some cases the pants in the family.

picked up swords and knives and eventually guns. also ploughs. and pens. and hammers.

went to work. demanded a vote. ran for politics. were good leaders. and bad ones.
learnt maths and science and accounts. flew aircrafts. then rockets.

threw hand grenades. wrote poetry. and scandalous literature.

walked out of marriages. said “I’m not ready for commitment”.

There are still far more women willingly taking to behavior, clothes and roles that are supposed to be ‘masculine‘ than men doing the same to that which is considered ‘feminine‘. Remember that the next time someone talks about insecurity.

* Please do note the italics. The definitions of ‘masculinity’ and ‘feminity’ are fluid.

**A version is posted at Yahoo! Real Beauty.

2 thoughts on “Pink Is Long Way From Unisex”
  1. Women have also paid with their physiology adapting to transition, their psyche rattled and have been rewarded with their confidence and achievement orientation boosted………Men would have none of that.
    Did we say remaining stationary is progressive or actually retrograde?

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