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Do blogs take on personalities of their own? To their owners, I think they do. Owners I say, but perhaps that’s wrong since it implies a pre-supposed relationship already. So let’s just ask – What is the relationship between a blogger and his/her blog?

A blog is more than a bulletin board or a chat forum. It’s a place where you watch your words, your ideas, your opinions take shape and be shaped in turn by the others who visit. You develop the theme, the header, the widgets to depict a certain image. You give it a name, and yourself a handle sometimes to add to that. You fill it up with words, pictures, audio and video. You reply to comments and comment on other’s blogs thereby developing a presence. You link to the popular networks of the moment,

Is it platform to voice your opinion? Your own personal soapbox?

Or is it an ongoing personal advertisement? The starting point of your own social network?

I’ve written multiple blogs, authoring around 10 blogs across 4 different identities at one point of time. It was mind-boggling but it was an entertaining exercise in exploring my relationship with each blog. And really, I had a different relationship with each blog.

XXFactor remains my longest surviving (and most surprising) experiment and in my mind is slotted with chick-lit books, chocolates, Sensorcaine and Lucky. Why? Because these are things and people I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about but I know will be there whenever I need them (which is fairly often) and just the way I want them to be. XXFactor is my galpal.

The Idea-smithy on the other hand, with domain switches and even name changes is the closest to the real me since it has essentially mirrored every change in my life from the minor weekly/monthly mood changes to the big sweeping changes that come with age and experience. IS is my mirror.

Only one of my other blogs, Office Capers was an experiment and one that didn’t work out as well. In exact replication of my relationship with my profession, my colleages and place(s) of work, it slid smoothly in and out of existance and didn’t really move me profoundly. I guess I was never as deeply involved in that relationship either. OC was the friendly colleague I’d shared a few lunches with and occasionally wonder how he turned out.

All the remaining blogs were diaries of various sorts. They were intensely personal, I loved them, they were good to me and now they’ve been tucked away for safety in a place no one will find them (I hope!).

So do you bring a part of yourself to your blog each day? Or do you create something new each time you touch it? Is it an extension of your personality, an expression of something that doesn’t usually surface or an experiment to see what it would be like to be someone else?

What’s your blog to you?

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  1. Virtual ramblings began when I wanted a place where I can shed my inhibitions and express any thought which sprang into my mind. Slowly I realized that, I began to loose that freedom, because it developed a set of audience and I did not want to hurt their sentiments, so I came up with pure pursuits which spoke about subjects of taboo to me. Finally I started Song on my mind just to articulate the lyrics of some really good songs which I would want to re visit when I am in mood for it

    Ramblers last blog post..A conscious trail of thought.

  2. Ah jeez…I dunno..the blog started out as a chimney to my writing vents, and now, its turned into a storyteller all by itself. Just like a real person, it changes over time…so the future avatars are not for me to guess!! 🙂

    Scribblers Inc.

    mithuns last blog post..Writing…

  3. In simple terms..

    My blog is a reflection of my thoughts!

    That the best I can conjure upon at this moment. On a totally vetti day, it’s fun to go back and read the archives and go ‘What the hell was I thinking when I wrote this!’

  4. @ Rambler: Those are the histories of each blog. But does each one have a personality to you?

    @ Adithya: So it’s your voicebox?

    @ mithun: A chela turned buddy?

    @ maxdavinci: That’s a description of the blog. How about its personality, its relationship to you?

    1. @ Australopithecus: Oh thank you! I thought that blog was completely unappreciated so I locked it away.

      @ Paul: Actually I wrote funny anecdotes with pseudonyms, not really complaints or nasty things and definitely not confidential stuff so I guess I was fairly safe there.

      @ kohuthresiamma p j: The center of your social circle then. Nice.

  5. interesting question.
    the bogshere is both my private and public space and therefore has the advantage of both.
    what i love about blogging is it builds up around me a group of like minded persons . blogging is this and a lot more – –

    kohuthresiamma p js last blog post..Obama and The Indian Media – Snippets

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