There was noblesse in his demeanor
A certain aloof pride
He was a brave, after all
What stories the years had etched across his face
In deep furrows and wavering hues
Age, wisdom, fortitude
His identity and his magnificence
And of course his spectacular head-dress, his only vanity



Timeless, unwavering,
And the moon
Inspiring, confusing, enthralling
The lovers gazed spellbound
Momentarily diverted from each otherโ€™s faces
While their entourage applauded in silent awe


  1. Native American Indian- Very good choice of colors. The right side of the face is slightly pressed in! The shading on the face, the shadows, and the contours are beautifully done. Lovely art.
    Folk Lore- Again, damn neat choice of colors. Contrast from the above one; which is an appeal in itself. Beautifully done.

  2. about women being crazy balls??? Nah.. this just soldifies my belief in it even more!!
    crazy balls are likeable you know..

  3. @ ‘nonnymus: Hmm…ever notice how men always talk about how incomprehensible women are but women always say that men are just the same world over? But this discussion should really happening at XX Factor.

  4. lol.. dont!! damn I keep sneaking peeks at XX Factor and trying not to get drowned in it too!! And its also starting to feel like we’re belatedly chatting over ur blog!!
    Enough now. Happy writing!

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