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At 2 a.m. I reached the conclusion that I am not much of a people-person anyway. Why else would I be deeply annoyed by the thought of a packed social life? Perhaps the most people-person person I’ve encountered is Neil Gaiman‘s Death. And then again, nobody loves anyone else that much, do they?

To you I come at the very end
I wait for you and look for you
In all the dark crevices in the world
And in the minds of men


At least I know you’ll be waiting
Smiling, but waiting nevertheless
It is good to know that all the twists and turns end at the same place
And that all roads lead to HOME..and to you.


Speaking of which, Neil Gaiman says,

We are creators. When we begin, separately or together, there’s a blank piece of paper. When we are done, we are giving people dreams and magic and journeys into minds and lives that they have never lived. And we must not forget that.

I leave you then with a mouthful of moonshine.


I was just about to hit ‘Publish’ when the phone rang. We used to be classmates, with nothing in common except the classroom. But we understood each other’s silences well. Oh how sappy that sounds! But we were never in love with each other. All we were, were good friends. For no other reason than that. And that’s all that matters. He would totally know what I mean by this post, even if the words sounded strange to him.

So even if I’m not a people person, there are people for a person like me.

4 thoughts on “People Person

  1. Everyone has their phases. And everyone needs alone time, some more than others. You don’t sound like you’re not a people person though, more like someone who can go around spraying some of their energy on others.

    DCs last blog post..

  2. @ Rambler: Thengyu… 😳

    @ DC: Sometimes that energy is negative.

    @ Cynic: Actually it turned out a little differently as I told you. But at least it started off being something good.

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