People at work versus the rest of them

The people one socializes with are as relevant or as inconsequential as one wants.
The people one loves are as necessary to one’s happiness as the degree of affection.
But the people one works with, are important. In entirety. Always. Period.

And that’s because they are part of something that determines your sense of worth to yourself and to the world. Unlike one’s personal associations who only influence your sense of self-appreciation.  One is part of the environment where I create and build ME. The other belongs to the set that walks around and enjoys or destroys ME. I can win (and lose) audiences but can I afford to build my home with someone who wishes it would fall down on my head? 

Which is more important? Feeling worthwhile or feeling appreciated? I know what I think. But I may be in a minority.

3 thoughts on “People at work versus the rest of them

  1. I’m aligned to what you both are saying. I don’t think its a minority. Most people I know rever their workplace more than their personal life and I can see why.

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