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~ A Milestone~

The first day of AugustMore than half the year has gone byI’ve lived a quarter of a centuryAnd what have I to show for it? ~ Ate reluctantly~~ Played badly~~~ Studied resentfully~~~~ Prayed fearfully~~~~~ Slept badly~~~~~~ Worried incessantly~~~~~~~ Thought belligerently~~~~~~~~ Rebelled painfully~~~~~~~~~ Admired secretly~~~~~~~~~~ Touched tentatively~~~~~~~~~~~ Rushed blindly~~~~~~~~~~~~ Believed naively~~~~~~~~~~~~~…

Never Forget

If I could utter just two words for my whole life I would say, “Never forget.” Never forget anything or anyone. Any experience that changes you has already left an inerasable impression on you, which is the cause for the way you are after it has passed. Any person who…

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An Ode To Wednesdays

Wednesday….is the name that the hope angel takes in the working world. For those zillions and god-knows-how-many-iions of identity-less beings….for all the collective mass that aligns itself to the common thread of conforminty…..for all those who aren’t ‘creative’ or ‘brilliant’ or ‘different’…..for all those who march only to one drummer…


The weather sure is fine.I like fine food and fine wine.I am so, so very fine.Fine to the point of snappingHairline fine, gossamer fineOf course I’m in a fine messWith all the unpaid fines Fine, fine, FINE!Yeah, sure, I’m fine