The training program is almost over. Panic, panic, panic…now do I know enough to get to work?

I’m getting to know people slightly and slotting them into my caricatures of them. Meet my new masters…uh…colleagues…

Smarts in an ivory tower (SIT): Pedigreed background, Mr.Ultra Cool has earned a reputation to step carefully around since he’s just as likely as the others to catch a mistake and the likeliest to hang you for it.

Culture cocktail (CuCo): An ancestry tracing back to Ireland, speaks German, grew up in Pakistan, studied in USA and currently inhabiting India…what else can you call a blue-eyed blonde who can pronounce every Indian sound (in a southie accent for some reason!)

More later…

My trainer observes that Indians are very friendly and assertive and that ‘this group’ has been very enthusiastic to learn and highly participative. Yeah right, I could see her smile beginning to wear a little at the edges after the end of each day’s volleying with the questions.

SIT’s informed opinion on this: Indian b-schools award marks for class participation. They’re still under that hangover!
* In a lower tone * Hit them with questions before they hit you with them! That’s the only way to keep a step ahead of them!

The race has begun…..

2 thoughts on “On your mark….”
  1. I doubt awarding heavy marks for class participation is particular to Indian B-Schools, it seems to be just as prevalent elsewhere too. But hey, I’m no high and mighty Emm Bee Ayy to comment on that! 🙂

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