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  1. Bumped into your blog and got a whiff of cynicism…empathise. …have been there and out…and in…Still single but sans cynicism. Hoping for you!was nice to drop by…

  2. You read between the lines Sen…*sighh*…kya bolen, the trials of being potential bride material!

    Apoorva, Iyer…yep, I think I’ll continue blogging after I’ve jumped into lesser abysses than marriage..

  3. apoorva : yup, and when *Mr.* smithy wud read those posts, he’ll tie a knot yet again….. this time, of a noose ’round his neck ;D

    and smithy dearie….. much of marriage case studies these days…huh? Lagta hai gharwaale fir se peechhe pad gaye :))

  4. Hey Idea, Looks like you are pretty insightful (and a wee bit preachy) when it comes to people and relatioships.

    So, why is that people get married after all this? Doesnt really make sense!

    P.S. Inspired by you, I’m thinking of starting a blog myself!