Does this blog still have any readers left? This is for them then, if they exist.

I haven’t written anything really meaty in a long time. I know, I know! No, it isn’t writer’s block. I’ve got a few idea-toons swimming about, more than enough male bashing stuff for the Rude n’ Red section and plenty of girltalk.

Time however, has been a constraint. And yes, I’ve been focussing on the new blog for a good while now. A little more patience…my lurrves and I promise I’ll be back with a bagful of XXFactor goodies!

In the meantime,

Great things are afoot..

as Slartibartfast would say. Who? Oh never mind, obscure reference….but I could lurrve the man who designed Norway. πŸ™‚ So yes, coming back, changes are underway. And in the meantime, I continue my quest to understand who reads this blog and why. Tell me, talk to me, show me your face(s), please, please, pretty please?

Or…or…I’ll vanish this blog to another URL and not tell you!!!!! How’s that for a goonda-girl threat? Huh? Huh? Huh?

*Sighh* Tell me who you are mes cheries, I know you’re out there and listening to my craptalk (how else is my Stats section continuing to build?). So speak up, say something, leave a comment, mail me. I’ve spoken for you long enough, now it is your turn.


8 thoughts on “Notice and demand”
  1. Who: 29yr old male teacher of economics
    Where: smalltown India
    How: Google Reader, so I may not show up on web stats
    Why: love your ‘voice’, the male-bashing is acidic but never dogmatic
    When: have been a reader for more than a year now

    Tussi na jao!

  2. @ Rambler: Oh, no please…you are the token male voice in my comments section!!

    @ AnonEcon: Hey…..long time, no hear! You’ve stopped commenting? Thank you for the kind words…and plizz to keep them coming, our vanity is much appeased by them and when I’m happy, I write more! πŸ˜€

    @ Dreamcatcher: Hugs, my soul-kid-sister…

    @ rossoneri: And it’s been awhile since I heard from you as well.. *sternly wagging finger* Plizz to speak up more, this blog is meant to provoke reactions and encourage free-for-all bashing! More fun for all that way, no? πŸ™‚

    @ Ashish: :-D. Thengyu, thengyu!

  3. hmm… wonder why have you suddenly become particular to who all reads πŸ™‚ but anyways, heres about me…

    -Came across your blog about more than a year from M’s and lked it immensely.
    -Found many of the topics exactly how I would like them and enjoyed your stand
    -Off late, as you admitted, its been a lil boring for me and I haven’t been visiting too very often.

    Buck up lady and get some interesting stuff on the table. πŸ™‚

  4. Well… I reiterate the others… Don’t go!
    I’ve commented after a long time- but still come regularly.
    I have also always liked Startibartfast- but have always felt sorry for the poor guy- esp what happened to Norway II.

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