Not In The Details

Before we get into the meat of the post, a masala…err, caveat, in the form of a conversation with a friend.

Take a pic!

I don’t have a camera on me.

Use your phone!

This piece of shit? Nope. I only do good photos. 🙂

Ah well. I only do good sights even if the images aren’t good. Is that too much of a compromise?

Not in my esteemed opinion. Besides I’m a chronic thinker, not a chronic genius. And I’m in a city that clings to civilization just about, not a model of perfection. So save the comments on how blurry the photos are, how I should have used a triple-resolution grade A filter (or something like that). If you can’t make out what my photographs are, I’ll spell them out for you!! Yeah, A.E., that’s a special note to you! :mrgreen: 

Now to proceed to the main course….


Love is looking in the same direction….or into the same mobile phone! This is two of my friends leaning in together to look at a photograph of themselves that I took from two floors above and sent to them. A picture of them looking at a picture of them.


And up above, a balloon that broke free of its unknown owner (a very disappointed 3-year-old? A bratty squealer? A woebegone pink-clad princess?). Unfortunately for it, the ceiling proved to be a bit tougher to break free of. I wonder if anyone can get up there, to the top of the cone on the ceiling. If not, that silly sunflower balloon is doomed to spend the rest of its warm hours inside a crowded mall.


 If it could speak, it would probably say,

I wish I’d stayed with my owner. At least I’d have gotten to see the world outside!



My photographs don’t turn out too good but what the hey, I saw romance and fantasy in the middle of a crowded Mumbai mall! Just call me an artist with an unsteady hand.

15 thoughts on “Not In The Details

  1. Now, you should have used that Triple Resolution Grade-A+ filter that I mentioned the last time! Shame on you – thou artist with an unsteady hand.

    Btw, this comment formed in my head even before I got to the A.E. referral; so it was even more amusing! :mrgreen: Cavil – A person with an unsteady hand can’t be an artist, nei? A bad artist, perhaps! 😛

  2. Yes, it is too much of a compromise. Images aren’t about information only – they CAN be more than that, and I don’t see why we can’t try and be more with what we have instead of claiming Parkinson’s.

  3. Taking good photographs is very similar to writing insightful posts. You need to cut a frame around the topic so that its poignant and without un-essential fluff. And you need a unique angle.

    You have both.

    So unless you get a better camera phone, the world will lose out on many a amazing photos.

  4. @ rambler: Deep that is.

    @ prasoon, Adithya, chandni: :mrgreen:

    @ Roop: I totally get you. Am with you too. 😀

    @ Brad, Sumit: Slap! Slap! Slap!

    @ Ashwin: 😎

    @ kalyan: That is true.

    @ Anon Y.Mouse: I didn’t claim any such thing. But photography just isn’t as big a deal with me as the text is. So forgive me for not being a genius in everything.

    @ Rukmani Ram: Mera naya Nokia Moojik AyexPraysss…

    @ Ankesh: That’s convincing. Point taken. I’ll work on it.

    @ Cynic: Sounds like me, na? :mrgreen:

    @ Ms Taggart: They’re a cute couple too! And we have multiple, limited talents.

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