Noo Yurr Resolutions on XXFactor

1. No more male-bashing. This year, I will turn my image of man-hating-feminist.

2. Not too much whining. Not too much cribbing. A balanced, objective viewpoint of things as I see them. (Can I help it if the world is getting screwed?????)

3. I have a sense of humour. Everyone who knows me, knows it. Wonder why it doesn’t show on my blog. Time to stop wondering and make it happen. Bringing on the funnies….

1, 2, 3….that’s enough no? Well….maybe a few more…

4. No more referring to ex-boyfriends as ‘ALL MEN’. Have a little faith, the movie says.

5. Enough of gossip and catharsis. XX Factor will attempt to be a voice of the modern woman, grappling with serious issues

…and umm….oh fuggetit.

Heppy noo yurr!!! Life is about hope after all.

5 thoughts on “Noo Yurr Resolutions on XXFactor

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA….i was almost falling off my chair whhen i started reading this post. I was like ‘this is so not you….this is so not possible’.

    It good to know you’re still you…:)
    We missed you for the few minutes you lost your marbles. LOL

    Happy new year to ye all.

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