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  1. opinions….

    is it so hard to take…?
    …do you take your own opinions??


    do you believe in “you”…??..or is it just another word…..just like “they”..?

    Oh…but I still like men who cook.
    …can’t explain why…but i couldn’t possibly take my attention away from two words…Oh….n’ still

    p.s. whatever…..always find this place warm.

    let the flame be alive forever!–>

  2. When friends go out there is a difference between sharing a mean and GORGING. Sharing a meal is intimate but then you get those who order one of every appetizer for a table of four.

    I prefer having an intimate get together at my house and have people hanging around the kitchen while I cook (I COOK, no one else touches the food…lol)

  3. i can understand that part:They need you to eat like they do. When Iw as in Malluland my class-mates used to come up to me and say: how can u eat this stuff?used to get me really irritated…

  4. u have my sympathies idea- evidently ur company sucks that u dont even have freedom to eat what u wish how u wish! The best joke is the word verification I am seeing on the screen spells idlis!LOL!

  5. I hate foodie gatherings. Prefer simple fare to being forced to eat elaborate but completely inedible thingies with fancy names. Join the anti-foodie dahi bhaat gang. 🙂

    My food chart is more of Apples, Beer, Chocolates, and Daal/Dahi bhaat. That said, I cook pretty well–only south indian and italian tho. Nothing says one has to eat all of what he cooks. *grins

  6. i am a liberal when it comes to eating…i allow eaters of every persuausion to eat with me, unless they try to convert me to anything other than a wish-etarian(i eat whatever i wish to :D)…

  7. See I love cooking, especially when I have company. There is nothing like having a kitchen full of people talking (do NOT ask to help, I will ask if needed).

    Your way of looking at food, however, is very healthy. Eat when you need to and don’t overindulge as people are wont to do.

  8. Dreamcatcher: I love social gatherings. Especially the ones where everyone’s too busy hogging to care about whats on other people’s plates.

    Ava: Grass is always greener and all that? 🙂

    Apoo: Note the phrase is ‘You and me’ not ‘U and Me and all these women’!

    Iyer: Salmon kebabs are the limit of my food experiments. Gimme good ol’ thair-sadam any day! And throw in a mor-malagai and I’ll be eternally in your debt!

  9. dont do it apoo… pls dont invent stupid things that would turn things OFF when they are so ON… chal tere liye kurbaani de diya…

    idea: pls let me know if you didnt like chocolate flavoured curd rice… i can serve the traditional one with “thair molagai’

  10. I can so identify with that.. Not that I am a very fussy eater.. But it never shows up in my BMI, however hard I try. And listening to folks cribbing I dont eat enough makes me cringe and run for cover…
    and yes… Death by chocolate is quite the sinful…:)