No Promises

I’d fall in love with you, in any lifetime

If I lived my life over again, I’d fall in love with you again.

I don’t know that.

All I can say is
Right now, this way
With you, being you
And me, being myself

There’s no way I would not fall in love with you.


Inspired by this comment-conversation

And for everyone who wondered and asked (and didn’t ask), the last post was fiction, this one is belief.

16 thoughts on “No Promises

  1. I was among those who wanted to ask but dint… coz i dint want to interfere in your personal life.. coz i dont think i m close enough to.. anyway most love is tht way… regret rein.. meaning you hardly regret anything when in that state of mind. Rather it’s always that if you were to live ur life again, you’d welcome it with open arms.. it’s coz you learn too muchto forsake the experience.. i think..

  2. @ Pragni: 🙂 If you’re a blogger and you’re reading it, you can ask! I mean…if its THAT personal, I just won’t put it up on a public space. Or I’ll say it differently. I like how you’ve expressed your last line.

  3. I really like those posts… In just a few words, you have the talent to say things than can move people…
    things that find an echo in people’s heart…
    things that are so true…

  4. All I can say is
    Me, being myself,
    Only with myself,
    Or with you,

    There is no way I will not accept that I love you.

    It is only once one can love, completely, without strings.

  5. It is only once one can love, completely, without strings

    For every other time,
    when you hurt,
    you withdraw,
    to ponder, to muse, to see your reflection
    in the pooled sorrow
    and wonder at the perfection
    that was, or so you thought
    till on the morrow
    neither, you, nor the hurt, and naught the reflection stay

  6. Gosh!!! u write such amazing posts. U touch something deep down the heart,ur posts evoke those feelings which we often shove into deep dark recesses of our minds n constantly deny it’s existence.

  7. neither, you, nor the hurt, and naught the reflection stay
    what stays is the bliss, of making love without touch,
    Smile telling the ecstasy,
    Eyes telling the passion, breadth heard by ears,
    Lips licking desire, your words being spoken to you,
    Calmed for your hidden fears, without you having to tell them out.

    It is not only for the moment that you will love. You will love for every moment ever, but maybe never accept it aloud.

  8. It is not only for the moment you will love
    You will love for every moment ever, but maybe never accept it aloud
    For all those moments of truth, love, ecstasy
    of whisperings amidst the heartbeats loud
    of touch, smiles, kisses and dreams
    to eternal bliss, lead they perhaps could
    love afterall is for every moment ever
    but maybe never

    Ever will you accept it aloud
    Nor act on it as your per your desire
    Nor close to your chest hold
    Memories of laughs, hearts on fire
    they under go a shroud

    While with your waking eye
    you walk through your life
    Afraid of the dream in sight
    keeping company to strife
    And still the laughs abound
    in spite of the nagging sound
    saying you wish you had loved for ever
    and accepted it aloud

  9. @ Anonymous and Peeyush: I’m enjoying this comments-in-poetry conversation the two of you are having. Just interrupting to tell you both you’re MAGNIFICENT with the words!!

    @ Confusedsoul: I think you’ll find the comments section of my posts even more interesting!

    @ Illyria: Thanks! And a great 2007 to you too! Happy blogging as well…

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