Sakshi says that,

Law of Close Encounters: The probability of meeting someone you know increases when you are with someone you don’t want to be seen with.

The XXFactor corollary to that says,

The probability of meeting someone you don’t want to meet increases when you are with:

  1. the person you want to show your best self to (a.k.a. Murphy’s law of ‘know her by her friends’)
  2. the person you are trying to impress (hence we rule out sarcasm, rudeness and flippancy as defense mechanisms)
  3. the person you are trying to hide their existance from

The first can be explained away if you have a vivid imagination (“He sat next to me in chem lab and copied my notes!”) and the second is generally not as bad as one imagines since this happens to everyone some time or presumably can be used as a sympathy-earner. The last one is deadly. Let’s look at some such situations:

  • Running into an ex- when with the current.
  • Spotting ex- no.2 when on a rebound-reconcillation date with ex- no.1 (GAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH…..never give a man the chance to say “I told you so!”)
  • Bumping into friendly neighborhood kiranewalle uncle, nosy aunty…or, *gasp* the pater and mater while with the new ‘prospect’. What’s so terrible about that, I ask my so-called modern woman self? Terrible is that they think he’s Guy C who you said helped you get over Guy D but your date actually answers to ‘Guy F’.
  • Meeting ex-no.1 and ex-no.2 together…..ummm…that means they are together, not you and one of them. You don’t want to see either one of them again and what have we here…both at once!!! Double deals are never good.

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