Mumbai Seven

Did you ever wonder what the 7 islands of Mumbai really are? Or where to find respite from the concrete jungles here? How about a nostalgia trip into this city’s scrapbook? Or a grand tour around the glitterati here? Where to go, who to meet, what to see, what to eat, what to do (and what not to do!)….here’s a hitch-hiker’s guide to Mumbai. (DON’T PANIC πŸ™‚ )

Mumbai Metroblogging is running a series of posts on 7 things related to Mumbai. Arzan Wadia relates the history of the 7 islands while Viewer tells us the 7 best places for a celebrity sighting. Other bloggers including yours truly are also scheduled to speak up here with their favorite lists of 7.

Do trot over and see the other great 7s that this city has!

8 thoughts on “Mumbai Seven

  1. ahhh! my first love. you can never quite get her ( although I think of Mumbai as a Him) out of your system once you’ve lived here. Look forward to this!

  2. How creative!Look forward to the series…

    Come over to our city of dreams….it is so awesome that you’ll be back for more

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