Sometimes I’m so angry I keep quiet only because I think I’d spew flames and not words.

Some days I look at people I see everyday and I notice the worry lines on their faces so clearly, it is all I can do to stop myself from reaching out to touch them and offer comfort.
Other days I wish I could zap them into a black hole.

There are times I feel so unbearably, hungrily, gnawingly empty I wonder why I don’t vanish into the vaccuum myself.
And yet again, I feel like I’m overflowing with every emotion and sensation ever known to humankind.

Some nights I go to sleep feeling complete and that all’s okay with the world. And then I wake up with the unbearable thought that I’m still alive in this same world.

Everyone has days that sound like this. The only difference is that my days are series of moments like these.

12 thoughts on “Moody

  1. ahhh how true smithy..very nicely put.
    Sometimes I’m so angry I keep quiet only because I think I’d spew flames and not words.
    SO get what you mean..everyone knows..the more quiet i become the more pissed off i am.

    well..what else is there to do but to just go where each moment takes you?

  2. U got it, Iyer. By the way each time I open your blog, my explorer window shuts down. And it looked like a bloody interesting post too…do something!!! I’m dying of curiosity!

  3. hehe… your browser seems to have set its sensible levels to a very ‘high’ level and hence it shuts down as soon as it comes across a coupla few lines from my latest post 🙂

    so keep trying… alternatively i can mail the post to you, if you dont mind?

  4. idea: there is no sensible level settings for browser… but assuming that computers are like human beings… a computer wudnt call that post sensible…

    apoo: can you repeat the question 😉

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