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  1. idea: there is no sensible level settings for browser… but assuming that computers are like human beings… a computer wudnt call that post sensible…

    apoo: can you repeat the question 😉

  2. hehe… your browser seems to have set its sensible levels to a very ‘high’ level and hence it shuts down as soon as it comes across a coupla few lines from my latest post 🙂

    so keep trying… alternatively i can mail the post to you, if you dont mind?

  3. U got it, Iyer. By the way each time I open your blog, my explorer window shuts down. And it looked like a bloody interesting post too…do something!!! I’m dying of curiosity!

  4. ahhh how true smithy..very nicely put.
    Sometimes I’m so angry I keep quiet only because I think I’d spew flames and not words.
    SO get what you mean..everyone knows..the more quiet i become the more pissed off i am.

    well..what else is there to do but to just go where each moment takes you?