Monday gyaan

“Be afraid not of those bigger than you, but of those smaller than you.”

Remember its easier to pull a person down than to push him down. Remember David and Goliath? I know David was supposed to be the good guy but the idea I’m talking about is that it takes a smaller being to bring down a bigger being. Read that in my context as “The less talented, the less intelligent, the less qualified individual is likely to have more room in his head to devise cunning and underhand ways to steal your work, to badmouth you and bring you to ruin.” Also, going back to the story of David and Goliath, the higher you are, the more difficult it gets to see missiles heading your way, while the gunner has all the time in world to aim and let fly…and watch you crash.

Maybe that should make you feel good that people obviously look up to you to feel insecure because of your superiority. Fine, enjoy the high but also be careful. There are far too many rats in the race through the corporate jungle and judging by the lessons of evolution, they are likely to survive long after the lions and tigers.

This is my learning from my past experiences. My resolution remains, never to become a rat, but to carry a can of rat-poison wherever I venture.

2 thoughts on “Monday gyaan

  1. One day, you might get so high, that the missles might fall out before they get to you. So, don’t worry about climbing higher.

    Hate to disagree, but it takes a reasonable amount of talent and above average intelligence to be devious and cunning. When there exists competition (race), there exists such aforementioned people. Would you disagree if one says, that such people are unavoidable.

    About the rats surviving longer than the lions and the tigers, well…it’s not just a question of surviving, it’s a question how well you survived, when you did.

    And finally, make sure that you are not noticed with the rat-poison in hand, that might just give off all the wrong vibes to the person who sees it. Camouflage the poison, if you choose to carry it with you. It’s best the poison be avoided, and another solution be thought over. Think about it.

  2. Wonderfully stated Brad. Wholly agree.

    to quote, “it’s not just a question of surviving, it’s a question how well you survived”….its all about the journey…not the destination.
    Could you live with yourself, if u had to use ratpoison to get to where you wanted to go?

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