The otherself was on the phone.
Best Friend was entertaining…and trying, successfully almost, to be entertained.
Astra opened her eyes from the earth-healing meditation and hugged her mother.
Precious was in deep slumber…one hopes.
All was as always with the soul-family.

The pater and mater were hugging the alter-pater and alter-mater at the airport.
The photo-negative was muttering a silent plea.
The villians were smiling at their families.
The eternal love was kissing his wife happy new year and saying hello to the big Three-O.
The cast was in their places, ready on cue.

Preacher was admiring the stars (human and astral).
The child was grinning from ear to ear and counting down 7…5….4….6…3…..
Shooting star was watching the fireworks with a sinking feeling in the stomach.
The badgers stood firm, feet planted on the ground, ready as ever.
The peripheral was intact and the circle complete.

A hundred little bubbles were bursting inside her head
While tiny light-bulb filaments flared and sizzled out inside his
As the grey-white filaments of air swirled around them
Each of them donned their party-hats and hung on the matching accessories –
Brilliance, exuberance, cheer and a wide smile.

Home was waiting and watching
An eternity, a lifetime, a constellation away
While the blue-green planet turned another revolution around Sol.
I smiled back.

4 thoughts on “Midnight”
  1. Beautiful sentiments, and I especially enjoyed what you wrote on the (right) side bar. That’s something I’d love to see more of this year πŸ™‚
    Have a great year.

  2. @ Renovatio: Ah, ‘The workshop today’ section? Thank you for letting me know…that’s a new feature with this new blog and I was just starting to wonder if anyone noticed it at all! Will be sure to update more often now that I know at least you are reading it!

    @ manuscrypts: Thengyu, thengyu….until next time, great idea? (Damn…no one can do it like da boy does..)

    @ SilverNeurotic: πŸ™‚ Thank you. That was the intention as with all my posts. To express an idea and inspire some more in my readers.

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