Mediocrity loves itself but greatness is self-destructive.

Wonderful ideas fizzle out while staid, outdated conventions live on and on. Brilliant geniuses, artists, philosophers, scientists, thinkers are condemned or just throw themselves off the nearest cliff….but the average man celebrates 75 years of existence.

Is that the natural order of things? So that everything ‘medianizes’ after a while?

3 thoughts on “Medianizing

  1. The sooner a corpse, the sooner the return. The higher the cliff, the greater the view while going down. Not necessarily longer. And definitely not shorter. Death is the same distance for all. A great bird flies high and wide, circling, watching the sparrows, the mice, the next meal, casting his shadow the sun stays put while the moon and earth resolve the questions.

    Just some random thoughts that came to mind after reading yours.

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