Maybe Is Not For Everyone

This poem comes my way from the chupa rustom Rohan.  I knew you were a thinker, with some great ideas but I never had you figured for a closet poet!


Maybe is not for the strong hearted

It’s not for the believers

Maybe is for the souls that are stranded

For the doubtful set of seekers.

Maybe is never a misunderstanding

It’s an affirmation of not being in control

It never takes pride in it’s understanding

Rather, its humilty served in a tea pot one can easily hold.

Maybe is the shelter for a higher ground

It is where hopelessness takes refuge

Maybe is where I am often found

You are too wise for its boots!

Hopelessly Flawed

It also makes me wonder. Decisiveness, is it a strength? Or is the need for some kind of resolution so overwhelming, the fear of being in limbo so terrible that decisiveness becomes the natural recourse? I often suspect that it is.

A wise old friend once told me that famous saying had got it wrong and that true wisdom would have been to say,

Don’t just do something! Stand there!

But some of us just can’t. No more than we can stand others who do.

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