Yes, I realize that I haven’t been posting here for awhile. I’ve been busy tending to the new baby. And in response to anantha‘s question….patience, patience and I’ll deliver (again!)… πŸ™‚

Fikar not, there’s plenty more up the XXFactor sleeve, I haven’t run out of things to say (!) but I’ve been short of time. I have a few new ideas that I want to try out with this new year coming up. In the meantime, once again, I’ll open this forum out to comments and suggestions from you, my dear readers.

1. What do you like about the posts on XXFactor? And yes, what do you hate, loathe, detest, abhor, dislike?

2. What else would you like to see on this blog? Look/feel, themes, writing style, issues?

I continue to be surprised by the readership that this blog enjoys just as I’m stumped by the anonymity of its readers. You’ve been a part of this blog and my life for 3 years now. Come over and say hello! Drop me a line, post a comment…say hello, say anything!

I’ll leave you for now with something the Best Friend sent me today to perk up my Monday morning. Enjoy!


Once more, if the words aren’t quite visible:

He didn’t like the curry
And he didn’t like my cake
He said my biscuits were too hard….
Not like his mother used to make.
I didn’t prepare the coffee right
He didn’t like the stew,
I didn’t mend his socks
The way his mother used to do.
I pondered for an answer
I was looking for a clue.
Isn’t there anything I could do
To match his mother’s shoe
Then I smiled as I saw light
One thing I could definitely do
I turned around and slapped him tight….

Like his mother used to!!!!!!

3 thoughts on “Maternity leave”
  1. Hey don’t stop XX factor, one of the blogs which I enjoy the most, and mostly has issues which is worth thinking about.
    remember something you had mentioned to me long back.. I would like if you really implemented that :).. I mean a real nice prospect.

  2. @ Rambler: I’m not stopping XXFactor! I’m asking for inputs from my readers! :-p And yes, the idea is still there, even if it went into deep-freeze for awhile. Soon, soon…and till then, stay mum.. πŸ˜‰

    @ S: πŸ˜€ Yes, she’s marvelous, innit she?

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