Make Your City Safe: Do You Have Your Emergency Checklist?

The Make My City Safe Squad undertook another activity last week. Week 1 asked people to tweet a location and @MakeUrCitySafe would revert with the phone number of the police station closest to that place. I’ve collated the responses here so do look up your location and store this safety number.

What other numbers should form a part of your safety easy-to-reach list? The Squad suggests the following:

Wk 2 activity sheetI found that a Google search could give you some of the information like Police Station, Hospital and Fire Station. Make it a point to look into these and the others and keep their contact numbers handy. You can also take it a step further and put up the list on your building noticeboard, a public place like next to the lift or share it with other people in your area, like I did.

Wk 2 putting up sheet

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