Magical new cure for AIDS

I’m curious. Is this really possible? While I have great respect for alternative medicine, as far as I know, we don’t have a real cure for AIDS as yet. What do you know…I just stumbled onto the latest promise to come out of the Island of Dreams!

The board says,

Invention of Unani formula for HIV/AIDS

HIV positive patients repeatedly recorded negative by DNA-PCS Antigen test. The latest molecular diagnostic testing in HIV/AIDS after the treatment.

26421610 / 93246625Β 

Hakh Medical foundation


I couldn’t read the rest either, craned neck and all. Oh, by the way, I spotted this notice stuck to the ceiling of a local train.

10 thoughts on “Magical new cure for AIDS

  1. Have you ever come across these small shelters set up on roadside providing supposedly alternate medicines.??
    wish I could send you an ad
    its hilarious.

  2. As far as I believe, they are not a hoax. The ministry of health seems to be sidelining them in favour of manking more moolah ad revenues from other HAART medication etc… which makes the huge pharma giants prosper.

    Pls read the hakh website and your eyes will be opened.

    I would also direct readers to this other important link:

    Do tell me what you think.

  3. @ Oliver: Thank you for the link. While I’m delighted to know of alternative medicine offering some solutions to something we consider ‘incurable’, I have to say I’m also skeptical. I take your point about the health industry being money-driven…and for that very reason, I’m apt to be skeptical about everything offered up that claims to ‘heal’. I’ll re-iterate that I have a great deal of respect for alternative medicine but it is also a fact that there is plenty of spurious material floating around masked as miracle alternative cures.

  4. Dear sir
    I am great that you announce found medicine to cure for hiv and is it really? is it ture i would bring my brother to conduct tratment at your country . thank you for information back
    Best regard
    Peng San
    +855 12 489567

  5. @ Peng San: This is not an official announcement but a photograph of a notice that was pasted on the wall of a local train. Please verify the information before taking action as I cannot guarantee its authenticity. All the very best to you and your brother.

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