Lost Letters

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One rant spawns a flood of others. And that’s how the phrase ‘Open Letter‘ was lost. And in the meantime, Ms.Shahana Nair Joshi becomes the next internet celeb.

I’m most alarmed by words like these. It reminds me of those anti-Islam and violence-inducing anti-Pak jokes that kept popping up during the World Cup match between India and Pakistan. At an individual level, a person may be somewhat silly, immature, uninformed and thoughtless. But passion can channel that into a rant. And the frenzy that follows, takes on the form of prejudice.

As the boy would say,

“That’s probably how those chaps called the Nazis worked too.”

The beauty of the internet, and indeed blogging means the ultimate democracy of expression. Starry eyes aside, we are yet to experience all the anarchy that comes from complete rulelessness.

4 thoughts on “Lost Letters

  1. You dear madmomma along with others should back up!try n understand the essence of what shahana was trying to say…maybe ur lucky extremely lucky that u haven’t faced any of those situations that many like n many others have faced.I am born and brought upbin Delhi and am also from Kerala..I have been here my entire life and yet to meet one person delhite or punjabi who doesn’t refer to u as idli dosa or madrasi!
    I have lost a lot of friend’s..some lost their lives while others traumatized by random acts of violation.given that background do people get equally traumatized when in colleges girls n boys are asked to sit separately??I mean u seriously must have something wrong going on in ur head if ur answer is yes.I agree that generalization of any form is uncalled for however instead of raving and ranting at her just the way she did (which proves none of u are any different be it you or the disgruntled mob) if only u had spent a split second trying to fathom what she must have gone through to have vented stuff like that!! But no u had to standout ‘rebel without a cause’ just like judgmental ,unforgiving
    Delhites of course not all lest u assume that I am generalizing!it’s shameful.motherhood is supposed to make people softer more understanding empathetic..I wonder what happened to u?

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