One of the sweetest women I know is facing a personal crisis. But she finds that her pain and her fears act as a shining beacon on her secret hopes and desires. And from that emerges some profound spiritual insight as well.

I have been struggling every moment with questions that echo, reflect and get thrown around within me.

But then, there is peace as well. Peace in knowing that I can be loved in spite of what has gone from me, in spite of the emptiness, in spite of the scar on my stomach. There is also a great promise in the fact that I will be gifted with a unique experience and once I have lived it, I might as well be gifted with lovely feelings, new possibilities and valuable thoughts.

I found her letter both heart-rending and inspiring. From darkness comes light. At the heart of turbulence is peace found.

Please wish her luck, everyone!

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  1. and people say internet is bad.. I have found so many nice friends over the net, I may not know S personally, or some others whom I read regularly.. but then there personality is so evident in the things they write.. have a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year..

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