Life’s lessons

Very recently I’ve learnt some important lessons

  • My health and the whole world will listen to me if I tell them firmly enough. Not loudly, not often, just once, quietly, ‘this is non-negotiable’ firmly.
  • Hot virgin water is my favorite drink. And music is the panacea for all soul-body-mind evils.
  • I will never be the amazing cook that my mother is. Or as energized by cooking as she is. But then again, she’ll never be as challenged by harsh judgement as I am.
  • I am a powerhouse when I want to be. Of course a sloth at other times…just so long as I don’t stay in one role for too long.
  • Despite sullen silences and moody withdrawals and nasty words, the most important man in the world does love me very much. And is very intelligent. Yes, for doing so and otherwise.
  • Scarlett O’Hara grew up after all. But she never stopped being Scarlett. And Sapna Bhavnani rocks at 35 (?).
  • Even my yoga teacher gets angry. And even I’m capable of ‘keeping my head when all about me are losing theirs and blaming it on me’.
  • My best friend is my best friend because her madness is synchronized to mine.
  • You can’t buy stamps after 6pm at the post office because it’s closed.
  • High heels still hurt.
  • For a fact, no one can have weirder dreams than mine. Because I dream that I’m awake and starting to fall asleep. Instead I fall awake abruptly and wonder what a weird dream that was.

And summer continues to be my favorite time of the year always.

5 thoughts on “Life’s lessons

  1. was going thru one of ur old post and was blown away with a line which u have written

    “The flip side of learning that there is nothing and no one that you cannot live without, is realising that there is nothing and no one to live for”

    …being unattached can be so scary

    and the “post office” thing was so funny…typically girlish

  2. Wow….
    meeting you on this page or otherwise is always so very much refreshing. the best analogy I can think of is the first summer rains…

  3. @ sherriff: ??? Do boys not visit the post office when its shut? :-p

    @ Shreyasi: :)…because its a clean white I guess? Actually my association with the rains is always muddy brown due to my Mumbai memories. But I’m sure the rain is beautiful elsewhere.

    @ Shubhojit: 😀 They hurt like hell and feel sensational. Just like summers.

  4. nice one!! though, in India, unless u’re in simla or ooty or munnar or ladakh..can’t imagine how you can like summers!! Not in bombay at least.

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