Why do you sound so happy?

…he asks.

I say something that sounds like rubbish but it isn’t. Besides, what’s the harm in some rubbish if you are happy?

This blog (and my other one) are in urgent need of a white-washing or at very least, fumigation. Don’t ask what that means…. samajhne waalon ko ishaara kaafi hai…and all that. I haven’t the time to do it at the moment though, so I’ll just carry on more clean and careful hereon and clean up the messes as and when. So forgive me loves, for breaking my promises again….my lazy self raises its head again! How easy it is to mess up and what a chore to clean up!!! Huff huff puff…my respect for my mother and housewives world-over increases hundredfold.

I realised how precious Precious had gotten, and for a change I actually showed it. It felt good.

And then there were some. As with so much else, it is the getting started that’s the trouble but once I do, I’m rolling, rolling so quickly no one can stop me!

This blog is going to sound a lot less polished, less intelligent, pseudo-intellectual and ‘impressive’. Hell with the stats, junk the respect. All I want is to be free…..FREEDOM…..

This weekend I heard someone singing Chaudhvin ka chaad ho. It was a day I dragged myself out of bed, knowing I’d be starting on a fever and I couldn’t let myself shut my eyes for a minute. Then I heard him singing this song. Would you believe…it soothed my rising temperature? And I was struck by the fact that there has been more ego than music in my so-called music for all these years. I’ve sung, I’ve listened to ‘good music’ but I don’t remember the last time I fell back into the music. Do you know what that’s like? When you forget about how intelligent the lyrics are and how melodious the tune is, how well-structured, the history, the inspiration, the singer….ah, how much extra there is to distract us and we forget to receive the actual song itself! It was wonderful.

If you haven’t so far, let yourself fall back into music sometime.

Chaudhvin ka chaand ho
Ya aftaab ho
Jo bhi ho, tum khuda ki kasam
Laajawab ho

3 thoughts on “Life is a musical”
  1. Do you feel yourself coming closer to the answer to the question that you posed some time back – ‘Why don’t you write?’

    Note: The answer is not coming to you. You are the one going closer to the answer! πŸ™‚

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