Killing Romance

Romance is dead, this is true.

Romance is just a myth foisted on the world by men to keep women chained to their stupidity.

Which is why I think romance and its sorry butt can get kicked, strangled, have acid poured down its eyeballs, buried barely breathing and have its grave danced upon.

Instead I’ll just switch off my phone that’s too expensive to smash against the wall, eat a melting brownie too sinful to be wasted and walk out on an emotion too disempowering to be chained to.

6 thoughts on “Killing Romance

  1. @ Sumit: I was, indeed. No more.

    @ arunima: I didn’t do that. But *sigh* mea culpa at other times, I’m afraid.

    @ Cynic: What would I do without them? They’re the media version of chocolates.

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