Kickass kudis

Got a message now telling me that I can get pictures of Priyanka, Lara, Preity, Amrita, Kareena and other Punjabi beauties if I message back. Didn’t know Rao was Punju. Unless they meant ‘Mard’ Singh. La Singh ex-Khan has far more spunk than Wallflower Rao we think. Matched wonly by the irrepressible Archana Puran Singh.

But we’ve enough of Punjabi beauties of our own among friends. Even the ones that are camera-shy. Even if they are the Princesses of PJs. Even if they are on a vegetarian-healthfood-no booze diet. Even if they are Dilli-ites and say ‘sabziwala’ instead of ‘bhaajiwala’.

So long as there’s bhangra in the blood. This pseudo Tam-almost ghat-“wtf, I’m a Mumbaiker!” says it’s all good….we lurve the kickass kudis!

Chak de!

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