Its only words

Someone said this to me today:

You are a conquest, that will never cease
Even after you are conquered.

So why am I posting it?
Because…I love word-play
Whatever form it is in, whoever uses it
Because….It is a damn good pick-up line
And I want him to know I can appreciate it while being immune to it.
And because….it still is an amazing compliment
And I’m storing all of them up for times when I’m low.

10 thoughts on “Its only words

  1. Not doubting the veracity of the pick-up lines, are you that difficult to fathom? And if true, is that a good thing? Wouldn’t you wanna be understood by your pick-up line artist? Hmmm…

  2. can i internalize the above lines? do i hear a yes? alright here it goes…

    You are a request, that will always be wanted
    Even after you are not required

    i will try and use this pickup line this weekend and see what happens…

    sometimes i feel like i am the evil twin of kavya vishwanathan πŸ˜‰

  3. Hyde: Feel free to. I did!

    Brad: I’m not.That is situational.He does. Hmmm?

    Iyer: I love it! If you hadn’t written it as a comment, I’d have stolen those for a post. Lets hear how it worked out in the real world πŸ˜€

    Nish: Consciously trying, lady. Those are damn fine words!

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