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  1. @ Confusedsoul: Absolutely!

    @ DC: Actually, it didn’t hurt at all. See the last line of my post.

    @ Ratz: Ah, and we know just what I do with situations like that… 😀

    @ Julie: LOL…I’ll keep that in mind…on second thoughts, I’m anyway shown the door when I tell the truth.

    @ Brad: Comment 1 – Somebody is only PRETENDING to read my posts, these days….oh these men!!!!

    Comment 2 – Like I didn’t know. But out of curiosity…what do YOU think they have in mind?

    Comment 3 – “I told you so in Comment 1” :D. Will get on the case right away…don’t expect Holmes though.

  2. Alright, as you might have guessed it by my Smart Alec comments- I skimmed through the title of the post! Damn. ‘Sensorcaine’ fell on my blindspot, is all what I can say in my defence. [:P]

    My doppleganger is making such statements! I can’t believe it. *raised eyebrow* You must have asked for something incredulous like divlomh pm jrt yoy pt dp,ryjomh ;olr yjsy/ (yeah, it’s cryptic. see if you can figure it out)

  3. On second thoughts, if & when, when males do make such statements they mean something c o m p l e t e l y different. 😛

  4. If that was actually said to you, it was probably a female. Wasn’t it? Males just don’t say that (for a good reason) normally.