Irish coffee and ham-n-cheese with Sensorcaine

Maybe you just need to do some growing up
And maybe you just need to speed up that process.

With a friend, you can discuss art, architecture, books, the opposite sex and parenting. Then, just before saying bye, they’ll deliver the big truth of your life. And not sound like they’re talking down to you.

11 thoughts on “Irish coffee and ham-n-cheese with Sensorcaine

  1. If that was actually said to you, it was probably a female. Wasn’t it? Males just don’t say that (for a good reason) normally.

  2. On second thoughts, if & when, when males do make such statements they mean something c o m p l e t e l y different. πŸ˜›

  3. Alright, as you might have guessed it by my Smart Alec comments- I skimmed through the title of the post! Damn. ‘Sensorcaine’ fell on my blindspot, is all what I can say in my defence. [:P]

    My doppleganger is making such statements! I can’t believe it. *raised eyebrow* You must have asked for something incredulous like divlomh pm jrt yoy pt dp,ryjomh ;olr yjsy/ (yeah, it’s cryptic. see if you can figure it out)

  4. @ Confusedsoul: Absolutely!

    @ DC: Actually, it didn’t hurt at all. See the last line of my post.

    @ Ratz: Ah, and we know just what I do with situations like that… πŸ˜€

    @ Julie: LOL…I’ll keep that in mind…on second thoughts, I’m anyway shown the door when I tell the truth.

    @ Brad: Comment 1 – Somebody is only PRETENDING to read my posts, these days….oh these men!!!!

    Comment 2 – Like I didn’t know. But out of curiosity…what do YOU think they have in mind?

    Comment 3 – “I told you so in Comment 1” :D. Will get on the case right away…don’t expect Holmes though.

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