I like standing on the beach and looking out into the sea. The waves come at me hungrily, passionately and touch my toes and leave. Its like the ocean telling me it can claim me for its own anytime, just reminding me that it can and leaving me standing. Its like love brushing my face and passing me by, telling me not to be sure even for an instant.

The night sky like a dark coverlet over the world and I remember when I was a kid and would hide under blankets and watch the world through tiny spaces between the threads. When you hold a woolen blanket over your head, the light coming in through the fabric, looks exactly like the sky on a clear night over Mumbai’s beach.

I studied mathematics when I was young. We belong to a three dimensional world. What’s 3 when you compare it to infinity?

The universe spins all around and someone somewhere tells me I have a special place in it too. Maybe all I was meant to do was watch. What a spectacular show!

One thought on “Infinitesimal

  1. We belong to a 3-D world.. Einstein would beg to differ and say it is a 4-D world… Personally i would guess it is more like 6-7D world(Definitely more than 5) πŸ™‚

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