In the backstreet of my mind

Even in my heart…I see…you’re not being true to me
Deep within my soul…I see, nothing’s like it used to be

Remember that, anybody, anybody, anyone???? :-). Let me jog your brains more. Picture this:

White shirts. Drenched and getting thoroughly splashed by innumberable hoses (showers?). Five guys. A whole lot of madly pulsing female hormones. Bait.

Anyone who didn’t get it…I bet you’re not a legal adult yet…in which case, get off this page!!!!! Heheehhe….The Backstreet Boys….teenage-girl-magnets. Anyone know what happened to them?

I, like a lot of my generation, had a multi-crush on all the members of this non-musical band. Back then I was too cool to admit it. Now that age and senility (and beshaarmi…kya Karen, is umar mein kya beizzati hogi?) have caught up with me, I gleefully admit to have sighed longingly at AJ’s wild hairstyles, pooh-poohed at Nick’s wannabe one and drooooooled over the blue eyes of…umm….whatsisname.

Today on my playlist, sandwiched between ‘When Love and Hate Collide’ and ‘Time’ was ‘Quit playing games with my heart’…which finds a place here purely on sentimental reasons. I wonder whatever happened to the idols of my wonder years. Guess they grew up, got married and found careers too. Ah well.


4 thoughts on “In the backstreet of my mind

  1. Hi there,
    me here for the first time via Apoo n Abhi’s Blog..

    that was one of my fav nos…”Quit playing games with my heart”, the other one being “Everything I do, I do it for you”

    Gotta find my old CD again and shed afew tears..



  2. awwww…. BSB. I had a poster of them in my room. I used to be crazy abt them especially Nick :-)And who cud forget the sloppy love songs…I was a sucke for them.”quit playing games with my heart” had me screaming like mad,hmm the video I mean 😛

  3. @ KJ: Thanks for coming by. I dropped into your blog yesterday…we seem to have quite a few bloggers in common. And yup, those were two of my favorite songs too back then!

    @ Echo: LOL…we lurrrved some of their other videos too that had close-ups of Mr.Blue Eyes…oh whatever was his name???

    @ Shub: Women have a thing for soaking white shirts as well… 😉

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