Imitation Is An Insincere Form of Flattery

I’m really happy to know that my posts are liked. I’m thrilled to bits when people comment or mail me to say that they identify with my posts. But attention can be a double-edged sword, what? 

Awhile ago, someone tipped me off to a blog that had lifted one of my posts. Before I had a chance to check it out, however, the copycat post had been removed. What’s more, the author of that blog turned up at my blog to apologize. A short while later, he also put up a post that was a glowing testimonial to me. Err, well…thank you very much…is all I was able to say.

Soon after, I had a chance to chat with one of his friends who told me that he often quoted my posts and spoke about me. Well, what does one say to that? Everyone likes admiration. I did too even while I found it disconcerting that someone I had never seen, met or spoken to, was praising me.

Today I discovered that another of my posts (and one of my favorites too!) has been picked and posted on his blog. It does say that he read it somewhere, though not where. I’m rather doubtful that such a long post could have been relived from memory without any recollection of its source.

I’m still reluctant to let this become unpleasant. So, to my imitation-as-sincere-flattery copycat reader, I say,

Thank you.

But I value honesty far above admiration. If it’s a choice of one over the other, I’ll pick the first any day. You however, don’t seem to be giving me a choice.

I’m not pleased or flattered about this at all. If that matters to you, don’t bother apologizing. Just take that post off right now.

You know who you are so I won’t use your name. Not just yet.

I trust you get the message.

I am really hoping that I won’t need to allude to this matter again.

12 thoughts on “Imitation Is An Insincere Form of Flattery

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  2. @ Varun: He didn’t get the message apparantly since the post is STILL up. Even after I’ve written another post shaming him.

    @ rambler: Thanks for the tip! I really need this now.

    @ silverine: Thanks too! I didn’t realise it was such a widespread concern till it happened to me.

    @ Rada: I’m still not laughing. That post is still up there. 👿

    @ Cynic: Gawdaloneknows.

  3. @ Dee: It worked this time. It’s to be hoped that he won’t repeat it.

    @ Shantanu: That’s awful too, isn’t it? Try watermarking them with your name or URL.

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