I’m rolling my eyes too.

Here we go again. People are rude. Sarcastic. Judgemental. Nasty. Vile. And people are cowards too. Do I need to spell it out? Yes, I do apparantly. Again and again.

If you have a viewpoint, you’re welcome to it. I’d even like to hear it. But I’m listening for your opinion, your ideas, your thoughts. Not the vile trash that passes through your mind. If you need a place to vent these, as indeed do most normal human beings, find a friend, write a diary…hell, write a blog! Don’t come and dump your issues on me. Or indeed on my blog.

Mr. Eye-roller is someone who turned up on my blog yesterday and left behind his marks (here, here, here, here, here, here and here). First things first, I am immensely grateful to anyone who takes the time to read my writing. It is a pleasure, an honour to avail of your time…and I really mean this, no sarcasm.

However, I have an issue with rudeness, I really do. I am just not one of those serene people who can let it slide off me and let the world be the dump that it wants to be. I am also not polite enough to keep quiet about it.

So Mr.Eye-roller….I’m absolutely positive you’re male. You may intend me to think that you’re a woman but hell, no, no woman would actually say things like you have. Sure, I know not every woman feels and says things as strongly as I do about men, about life and love and relationships. But I also know that there is a semblance of rationale and genuine emotion in what I write. Whether I write well or not, I know it is something that almost all women are able to relate to. You obviously haven’t. And believe me, it isn’t because you’re male (I have at least some male readers)….its because you and I just don’t see eye to eye.

I still don’t have a problem with that. I totally respect people who have opinions that conflict with mine. I do, however have a problem when they try to force them down on me. I have a big problem when they attack me. I have a HUGE problem when they do it anonymously. And most of all, I have a really MASSIVE problem when they do it the way you have done.

Eye-roller, if you really believe what you are saying, come out in the open and speak to me again. Leave behind an email address and we’ll take this conversation offline if you prefer it that way. Or leave your comments behind, I promise I’ll publish them un-edited and respond. Just stop leaving behind anonymous nastiness like this. Its like entering someone else’s house and throwing mud around. Its basically creepy.

11 thoughts on “I’m rolling my eyes too.

  1. Hmmm,
    I know I am speaking completely off track to what you are saying(maybe not), but you could type Susan miller on google and go to her website, and just check your zodiac sign’s december’s post.
    Funnily, mine too came out to be somewhat similar.
    Makes me wonder if there is such a thing as planets influencing us.
    Logically, I think it is not true, but time and again, certain occassions make me ponder.

    All I want to say is, there will always be a stray dog on the street which barks everytime you go through that street. Ignore it. It is not worth the hassle.

    By the way, you key in your thoughts well.

  2. Awwww stupid Eye-roller guy!!! Doncha hate those people who do that? I happily am one of those serene people who let it slide *preening modestly*. Heh! Never mind, he was probably dropped on his head when he was a baby and has never recovered from it!

  3. Each to his/her own. Don’t think you should read too much into them comments. If you take criticism harshly, people might be intimidated to leave truthful comments, nei! Yeah, one of them was indeed a bit off the polite side…But hey, not everybody is taught the right thing to do. Some are just misinformed. Besides, your wrath-invoked is actually his/her win! Think about it.

  4. Perhaps you’re over-reacting? and Brad does have it right. If you keep getting worked up this easy, then people will want to provoke you for the fun of it.

    hey, and i made a comic from the strip creator link. thanks! its a neat tool for people who cant draw.

  5. okay, i read all his comments and yep he has issues. it’s understandable getting vocal about the gay or the progressive woman posts (i too hate to progressive women posts cause they mostly bitch about men and say things like, ‘we can live without them’. sure you can, but then wouldnt it be better if we worked things out?) i digress. coming back to the rolling pin, WHY DID HE HAVE TO COMMENT ON STRIP CREATOR? WTF WTF WTF!

    You’ve got a web statistics tool from what i can tell. figure out who he is from looking at when he commented. get his ip. do a reverse lookup. you get his geographical information. that, coupled with his system info can pretty much point him out. You can’t do much. But you can sit by the fire in a darkened room, stroking a cat and say, “I know you” mwhahahahaa.

  6. @ Anonymous: I checked it and it was true in points…but I always wonder whether I’m just pulling some random references together so these things make sense. Yes, I wonder about the planetary influences too…but as the old argument goes, if they can influence oceanic tides and we are comprised largely of water, then why not?

    Thanks by the way for reminding me and for the compliment.

    @ Revealed: Well, truthfully (will you believe me?), I wonder if he could be right. I’m willing to give him the benefit of doubt. But I wrote this post because his rudeness galled me.

    @ Brad: It isn’t about criticism. It was his rudeness that irked me. And well…if he thinks being called a coward in a public space is a win, so be it.

    @ Pensive: Can’t!! Don’t you remember what I said about killing all the lawyers… 😉

    @ Echo: Forget him…and here I was just itching for a good fight! 🙂

    @ Pravin: Hey, come back and tell me the link to your comic strip! And actually…it looks like he’s dropped back into obscurity so I won’t bother…for now.

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