It is really easy to say, “This is who I am” when a lot of people like who you are.

It is not that difficult to say, “This is who I am” when no one likes who you are.

What’s really difficult is to say it when the world is indifferent to who you are.

10 thoughts on “Identity

  1. to me,what’s most difficult is to know and be aware of who I am in integral space and to accept myself there…sometimes, one has images of oneself far removed from factuality…then one obviates the need to present oneself as a matter of effort…one just is…reminded of the Biblical adage, And above all, to thine own self be true…

  2. Your date and time stamps are still not working, it seems. You really need that tutorial, don’t you? Today, maybe. πŸ™‚

    And, like Nike says, just do it, come out of the closet. Everybody will love you.

  3. I guess when everyone is indifferent to you, then the only audience you have got is you and its really fun to say to yourself “this is who I am!”. I would rather choose the last option where I can be with me and totally at ease. But then this is my take and maybe totally tangential to yours.

  4. Gaurav: πŸ™‚ In two words, not now.

    khush: Would you really need to state who you are, define your identity (as different from other people) if no one was looking?

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