The Idea-smithy

The Ides of July

Dangerous dates got me thinking about Julius Ceaser’s ill-fated ‘Ides of March’ Incidentally every month has an ‘Ides’…its either on the 13th or the 15th. And the Ides of July is the 15th day of the 7th month….today. Well, don’t get out of the house and all that……gaaaaakkkk too late….thump!

An ode to Wednesdays

Wednesday….is the name that the hope angel takes in the working world. For those zillions and god-knows-how-many-iions of identity-less beings…. for all the collective mass that aligns itself to the common thread of conforminty….. for all those who aren’t ‘creative’ or ‘brilliant’ or ‘different’….. for all those who march only to one drummer – the ... Read More

Fire alarm

BOOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINGGGGG That’s the sound of a nameless something that is sounding right above my head. The guy in the nearby cubicle aims a disdainful look up the stairs to the source of the noise. Behind me a lady is saying “That’s the fire alarm” A long pause…..and then “If that’s the fire alarm, aren’t we ... Read More


The weather sure is fine. I like fine food and fine wine. I am so, so very fine. Fine to the point of snapping Hairline fine, gossamer fine Of course I’m in a fine mess With all the unpaid fines Fine, fine, FINE! Yeah, sure, I’m fine

Glossary of terms

SNC: Someone from the next cubicle SFOS: Someone from the other side AKB: Allah ki bandi a.k.a boss ki chamchi God a.k.a da BOSS VOAE: Voice at other end of phone CTC: Crank turns cool HRP: Human Resources Professional CC: Close confidante Emp: Some employee of the organisation NB: Naya bachcha SIT: Smarts in an ... Read More

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