Idea-bytes on 2008-12-06

  • @hiway We are at Mondys. in reply to hiway #
  • Leopolds owners said customers may take time to feel safe they d be open. They shut today because too much crowd! Viva #mumbai #
  • Seems weird to be drinking beer & listening to Dire Straits a few feet away from the site of horror. #mumbai #
  • I needed to make this trip into town just to tell myself I still cud. Im still shaken up & I think Iv lost my Mumbai-gal spirit. #mumbai #
  • Back in the suburbs. Do I feel safer? Not but at least Im calmer. #mumbai #
  • Back from town – Leopold’s, Colaba Causeway and a glimpse of the Taj. I wish I had had a chance to visit C.S.T. That in my mind, is most imp #
  • @vimoh Is security not a political leader’s concern? In a lapse, arent they duty-bound to keep public spirit alive & extend support? in reply to vimoh #
  • I’m putting up pictures of today. Not the tweet-up but the city in the aftermath of terror. #
  • @krishashok Typical as well, wouldn’t you say? Cold-blooded ruthlessness is a necessary skill to be a marketer. in reply to krishashok #
  • #mumbai limps back to life. ‘Enuff is Enuff’ of socialite-politico-journos can go to hell #
  • Mumbai Limps Back To Life #
  • Idea-bytes on 2008-11-30 #
  • 1030 and the suburban main are clog-free. But I dont know anyone who skipped work. Did so many ppl die? #mumbai #
  • Did anyone light a candle for the CST commuters? I will. #mumbai #
  • Join me and light one for them then? Who needs a socialite or press coverage? Just need to know someone remembers and cares. #mumbai #
  • #calamur Join me and light one for them then? Just need to know someone remembers and cares #mumbai #
  • #calamur anytime today. Am on my way to work and Ill light one on our doorstep. Small and simple, no show. #mumbai #
  • #calamur Im remembering the people who died at CST. If u are too, wherever u are, join me by lighting a candle sometime today. #mumbai #
  • Im remembering the people who died at CST. If u are too, wherever u are, join me by lighting a candle sometime today. #mumbai #
  • Today, Im remembering he people who died at CST. If you are too, wherever you are, join me by lighting a candle sometime today. In memor … #
  • Light A Candle: Remembering The C.S.T. carnage #
  • Idea-bytes on 2008-12-01 #
  • Stuck in traffic. #Mumbai is definitely back. #
  • Today’s one of those days I wish I could clone myself. Tenfold. One clone will stay home and sleep. #
  • @hiway: Bleh. Maybe I need horcruxes instead of clones. At least one part of my soul gets rest, then. in reply to hiway #
  • Tch. Broke another fingernail. Wish I had claws. #
  • @Asfaq: 1 to blog, 1 to work, 1 to party/tweetup, 1 for relationships, 1 to shop/pay bills, 1 to eat, 1 to sleep. in reply to Asfaq #
  • Putting a horcrux into one of my fingernails would be a bad idea. #
  • @readmylips I thought those were psychiaterists! in reply to readmylips #
  • I wanna be a frog today. That translates to ‘Don’t bug me or else…’! #
  • Idea-bytes on 2008-12-02 #
  • Stupid banks. Of 4 ATM machines only one ever works and that too at snails pace. #
  • I bet there were no candlelight vigils for those who died in the #mumbai train blasts last year. #
  • Caught a glimpse of Sushmita Sen on shop TV and turned to look back. #
  • All the tweets on my homepage are replies to others. Twitter has gone from a bloggy-style space to a chat-room-ey thing. #
  • Friends, Twitter-followers, readers – I’ve had enough. I don’t effing want to hear about it anymore. Don’t talk to me about terror anymore. #
  • I’m going back to my mundane not-on-South-Mumbai-radar unimportantly suburban life. Go talk about terrorism to someone else. #
  • Lost In A Circus #
  • Idea-bytes on 2008-12-03 #
  • Classrooms always look & smell different from any other kind of room. Personal but at a mass level. #
  • Just got the news that one of my direct reportees passed away this morning. He was 22. #
  • We’re monitoring a recruitment test on campus. Just not hitting me-my most steadfast team member is no more. #
  • On way to prayer meet. Then face team & talk them thru grief. He was a pal as much as colleague. Sid, dunno how we ll manage without you. #
  • There’s a reason they say ‘silent as a tomb’. That’s what the office is today. #
  • @iMBA A severe asthamatic attack. I didn’t know asthama could kill people and definitely not at 23. in reply to iMBA #
  • I lost my right-hand man yesterday. But I’m overawed by the fortitude that his team is showing. Am honoured to work with such people. #
  • @sakshijuneja Tum jeeyo hazaaron saal, saal ke din ho hazaar! Hebby burrday to you! in reply to sakshijuneja #

2 thoughts on “Idea-bytes on 2008-12-06

  1. I lost a student to a half bottle of English brandy and a massive asthmatic attack last October. He was 21.

    I hate it when they go suddenly and without having lived fully.

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