• @hiway: Bleh. Maybe I need horcruxes instead of clones. At least one part of my soul gets rest, then. in reply to hiway #
  • Tch. Broke another fingernail. Wish I had claws. #
  • @Asfaq: 1 to blog, 1 to work, 1 to party/tweetup, 1 for relationships, 1 to shop/pay bills, 1 to eat, 1 to sleep. in reply to Asfaq #
  • Putting a horcrux into one of my fingernails would be a bad idea. #
  • @readmylips I thought those were psychiaterists! in reply to readmylips #
  • I wanna be a frog today. That translates to ‘Don’t bug me or else…’! #
  • Idea-bytes on 2008-12-02 http://ff.im/bMcF #
  • Stupid banks. Of 4 ATM machines only one ever works and that too at snails pace. #

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