Idea-bytes on 2008-11-29

  • The young live like they’ll never die. Am amazed by how cheerful the kids in my office are. I’m wearing CalmFace but freaking out within. #
  • #mumbai Is respite in sight as yet? #
  • @CynicWonderland Yup. Damned resilient spirit and all. I just wanna snarl & fuss & refuse to be biz-like and finacial capital-ey. in reply to CynicWonderland #
  • The Day After: It’s Not Over As Yet #
  • Spent an hour with @sakshijuneja and I feel better than I have in the past 48 hours. Truly, I get by with a little help from my friends. #
  • #mumbai is gonna hate me for this but I think we’ve gotten obsessed with the most horrific reality show ever-Terror Mumbai. Messed my head. #
  • Reality Show: Terror Mumbai #
  • Idea-bytes on 2008-11-28 #

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