I Wear: Urban Ranger

My favourite buy this non-existent Mumbai winter was a pair of buck leather olive boots. Normally olive green isn’t a colour I particularly enjoy. It’s so meh! But I fell in love with how comfortable this pair was.

I also came to the conclusion this winter that most women tend to wear their jeans, leggings, jeggings VERY uncomfortably. Fashion dictates that bodies have to literally be poured into this clothes, not have the clothes drape themselves around you in a way that is comfortable. I’ve decided to only buy stretchy jeans (because well, female body, water retention, fluctuating waistline etc.) and that too in a few sizes bigger. Jeans are meant to be comfortable, not breathe-stomach-in-and-live-with-abdomen-ache-all-day tight.

I also ended up buying a shirt in the same colour. No, I haven’t changed my stripes. I’m still a dramatic makeup wearing, blazing colour loving, accessory junkie! Which is how I came to be doing this look:


I Wear:

  • Olive suede boots: Pavers
  • Faded blue stretchy jeans
  • Olive denim shirt: CottonWorld
  • Leopard print scarf knotted around neck
  • Turquoise hexagons dangling on silver ear chains
  • Porange (the stores call it ‘coral’) cloth backpack: Westside
  • Makeup: Lash lines in grey pencil, teal pencil on upper lid edged with green sparkly eyeliner; nude gloss

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