Investor meeting in a startup’s office on a blazing hot day, with a friendly date in the evening – how do you dress for that? By throwing a bit of everything. I brought in summer with this wonderful eyelet patterned dress. But it’s a strappy dress; bare shoulders may be a bit much for a formal-ish setting and the evening promised to be spent in an AC-freezing place. So I pulled on a cropped denim shirt that I’ve taken to using as a casual blazer ever since. And finally, I stole a tie from dad’s silk closet to knot loosely (not like a tie, just like a regular strip of cloth). My bag was bubblegum pink, my lipstick rose and with the lac bangles that Reema got me from one of her trips, I was ready for the day. Nobody batted an eyelid at office, by the way. We are so cool.

I Wear:

  • Green cotton eyelet patterned dress: United Colors of Benetton
  • Denim cropped shirt: Cotton World
  • Silk tie: One of dad’s
  • Lipstick: Read My Lips by Faces Canada

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