I Wear: The Blues Welcome Summer

This is something I put together in the middle of February when deliciously cool evenings and woefully warm afternoons were playing peek-a-boo with us. I’d worn a pullover the previous evening and as it turned out, I needed a jacket the next day but this cool little ensemble did signal the start of summer for me.

First, this adorable wraparound skirt from FabIndia. Most other wraparounds I’ve seen look quite sloppy and ill-cut. This one skips the ubiquitous too long straps and goes with buttons instead. Actually on the inside the two flaps fasten, not with ugly hooks or unsightly buttons, but little ties! No chafing of the thighs since they’re cloth, the same material as the skirt in fact.

It is a pretty awesome fit too, with no folds or bunching up. The skirt comes exactly to my knees which makes it neither teenybopper mini nor auntylike midi. It makes me feel classy and comfortable both in one.

My last note of eloquent waxing on the skirt is going to be about a little seen but delightful feature – POCKETS! Yes, this beauty also rids you of the need to carry unwieldy clutches because it has a neat little pocket hidden on either flap.

The top is another comfort/class staple I’ve had in my wardrobe for a few years actually. I haven’t worn it too much because it always felt too staid with jeans. Suddenly it doesn’t seem staid anymore, which I take to mean that I’ve grown into it, chronologically speaking and not sizewise. There is a neat little self-embroidery yoke which isn’t visible in this picture but take a look at the neck detail instead.

The only diva aspect of this look is the jewellery – silver danglers fitted with lapis lazuli stones. In the past few years, I’ve grown an affinity for certain semiprecious stones and this navy blue-flecked-with-gold stone is definitely one of them. Royal colours both of them and they look splendid even with modern styles.

Slip-on heels picked up on a whim and an anklet of glass beads just to dial up the whimsy.

Here’s me saying hi to summer. I Wear:

  • Pale blue cotton blouse:
  • Blue blockprint wraparound skirt: ~Rs.700, FabIndia
  • Lapis lazuli silver danglers: ~Rs.500, silver shop in Galleria, Hiranandani
  • Purple slipons: ~Rs.400, Lifestyle

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